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Events Massage Station

Massage Station events chair massage is an affordable, unique and irresistible treat that will create a buzz and increase satisfaction at any event.

Special events are a great chance to give guests, visitors, customers or employees the gift of revitalization. Wherever the event is, we can be. Massage Station is based in Ithaca, NY but we serve the entire Finger Lakes and Central New York area.

We make it easy to get involved. The Massage Station is completely portable, requires a small amount of space, and can be set up and taken down within minutes. Schedule at any time during your event. All participants have to do is sit down, and relax, unwind, renew…feel better.

Massage Station puts the highest degree of professionalism to work for you.

Service option

Massage Station provides a variety of techniques to serve the definitive goals of an event.


Massage Station can be used to:

  • Compliment any event
  • Support an atmosphere where attendees are excited and happy to be there.
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue at events that demand long hours.
  • Decrease pain and tension (in common areas like head, neck, shoulders, low back and feet)
  • Increase traffic or draw attention to conventions or trade shows.

Private Events

Massage Station can be there for your private gatherings. This service will dissolve stress, tension and help set a relaxed yet revitalizing mood. Your guests will be refreshed, happy and talking about your event for days, if not years.

  • Wedding party
  • Family reunions
  • Spa parties
  • Ladies night in
  • Picnics
  • Parties
  • Retreat
  • Have an idea?

Public Events

Public events can be a lot of fun but they can also be taxing on the body with hours of standing, walking and activities. Massage Station can offer that relief from achy feet and sore muscles. We are a great place to take a break and recharge, leaving attendees refreshed and ready to continue their day.
  • Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Fundraisers
  • Concerts
  • Open house
  • Conventions
  • Retreats

Company Events

Set your company event apart from the rest. Promote good working relationships and loyalty with clientele and within your organization.
  • Company picnics
  • Work retreats
  • Trainings
  • Exhibits
  • Grand openings
  • Open house
  • Wellness day
  • Employee appreciation
  • Trade shows
  • Product launch

Massage Station is open to ideas! Please contact us with suggestions.


Our rates vary depending on number of hours of chair massage you would like to purchase. We have value packages available.

Contact us to request a quote or for more information.


We look forward to helping make your event memorable!

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